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Pogo Games has a full communication system ready to assist you through platforms like social, email and complaints box. We look forward to hearing from you.

Pogo Games is developing day by day, every hour with the desire to bring you the best experience and we believe you are also very excited about it.

In addition to professional development to bring attractive and beautiful games. We also strive to improve our support service more and more so that we can stand by you when you need help. support.

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So do not hesitate to contact us immediately every time if you have complaints or questions about the policy, terms of use or any problem about Pogo games.

You can contact us via email for the security administrator in your area or our data protection officer. They are always ready to answer your questions enthusiastically and thoughtfully.

Also, if there is a privacy policy concern or something we have resolved inadequately. So, you can contact the 3rd disputing party located in the United States. They always reply to you as soon as possible.

To have a website that is better and better for everyone, we cannot alone. So it is very necessary to listen to your opinions. Therefore, we hope to receive many comments from you. Together we work together to create a perfect entertaining leg for everyone. Please let us know your opinion.

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