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These are information regarding to Pogo games like its gameplay and platform. It has the Privacy to collect user information for a legitimate purpose.

What are Pogo games?

Pogo games is an online gaming website that allows players to play more 50 different games for free including genres.

You should note that this site is not the official website of the game Pogo. No games are owned by us. This is just a pure game aggregator site. As a result, we do not have image copyrights, only content that is owned by our website.

Some flash games have stopped working on the website, so we have replaced the gameplay like the old game. This alternative is intended to keep players from interrupting their favorite game.

Here we offer instant gameplay without downloading. Our games are easily played on the phone, iPad, laptop platforms with a privacy policy. So you can play games online anywhere with any pose.

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What platforms are Pogo games on?

Personal Computer (PC)

The first version of Polo games was born on PC, giving players free access to play their favorite games.


Pogo Games Facebook was launched in March 2012 including 20 games with challenging features, leaderboards, achievements.

Iphone / Ipod Touch

Pogo Games on iPhone / iPod Touch platform launched on January 7, 2010 and immediately became the leading free game application.


In November 2012, players were able to play Pogo Games on the iPad, a transformation that further diversified media for players.


Pogo Games is also playable on android devices. But there are a few points to note such as Mahjong Safari and Phlinx no longer to play, Jackpot rotation has been disabled.

How to play on Pogo Games

To start the game, you need to be on the Pogo homepage. Then you choose a game you love and start playing.

Since it is a free website, there will be ads, but advertising in a game only lasts for a few seconds and you can ignore it easily.

You can try many games in many different genres to have a better experience.

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